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VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC / TxPxF "A Fairytale full of Apotemnophiliac Moments" CD (ltd ed)


After their sold out debut EP, "In Involuntary Abortion We Trust" (2012) and their sold out split cassette tape with Infected Society and Anal Penetration, "Snuff Fetish Infection" (2013), VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC (aka "Vaginal Penetration Of An Amelus With A Musty Carrot") are back for a 1.000 copies limited edition full-length split CD with Mexican Porngrind duet TxPxF (aka "Teen Pussy Fuckers") for 39mns of utterly gore, provocative, indecent, retarded and savage booty shaking party featuring guest vocals by Andy Tseung (Vomitous) and Erwin De Grot (ex-Last Days Of Humanity / SMES) and the YouTube banned VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC "Embryo's Orgasm" music video as a bonus CD-ROM track. Comes with both the censored and uncensored artworks / booklets.
TOX036CDLE • 2014